Photography Workshops

  • August 31, 2015
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Affordable – Small group Photography workshops…


*A highly stylized fashion shoot with real agency models along with professional hair, makeup and styling
*The practical application of MIXED LIGHTING
*The secret to achieve those highly contrasty, colorful images as seen in Vogue, Elle, GQ, Victoria secret, Sports Illustrated and more. The result will blow you away.
*I will go over several techniques that I personally use in most of my high end ad campaign shoots, these techniques are guaranteed to change the way you shoot forever!


*Live fashion shoots with real agency models and creative team
*so far in over 15 years of my teaching experience not one workshop or seminar has ever been the same, there is no exact science on how I do things but what remains consistent in all my classes are my specific instructions in perfect lighting , directing the entire shoot and how to create astonishing images
*you will observe the creative process I use as well as how I take charge of my team and the models to get what I envision. Remember you are the creative mind, the director and the vision behind every image you create, so leading your team is extremely important and can effect the outcome of your shoots drastically
*On average we create at least 5-6 different lighting setups with detailed explanation for each set. Which I heard is much more than any other workshops, but like I said this is not a workshop for lazy click happy photographers, but for photographers that want to excel in their creative and technical skills very quickly in a short amount of time and become great photographers